Our Team

Susan Lewis

Vice Provost (Academic Programs)

  • Works with instructors, staff, students and academic leaders from across campus to ensure students have a great academic experience at Western
  • Fulfills Western’s academic mission for quality, learning outcomes, and student academic experience for undergraduate studies
  • Executive leadership of Western Continuing Studies, the Centre for Teaching and Learning, and the Office of Academic Quality and Enhancement
  • Holds an appointment as a Tenured Professor of Musicology in the Department of Research and Composition in the Don Wright Faculty of Music

Reach out for general inquiries about the VP-AP portfolio.

Alicia Kemp

Administrative Specialist, Office of the Vice-Provost

  • Supports all projects led by the Vice-Provost (Academic Programs)
  • Serves as a central resource of knowledge for committees, working groups, and task forces chaired by the Vice-Provost (Academic Programs), including the Undergraduate Academic Forum, Associate Deans Undergraduate group, and external partnerships
  • Offers guidance on institutional policies and procedures
  • Manages calendars for the Vice-Provost (Academic Programs)

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Jovan Groen

Director, Office of Academic Quality and Enhancement

  • Leads quality assurance and enhancement processes in partnership with academic leaders and administrators across all departments, faculties/schools, and support units
  • Oversees all aspects of Western’s Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IAQP)
  • Serves as Western’s lead advisor regarding Ontario’s quality assurance framework for undergraduate and graduate programs and as key contact with the Quality Council.

Reach out for assistance with program reviews, new program development, or major program changes.

Artie Harricharran

Administrative Coordinator, Office of Academic Quality and Enhancement

  • Serves as the first point of contact for all undergraduate programs scheduled for IQAP program reviews; ensures that programs access all the necessary support provided by OAQE.
  • Support all projects led by the Office of Academic Quality and Enhancement.
  • Manages calendars for the Director, Office of Academic Quality and Enhancement.

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Image of Aisha Haque

Aisha Haque

Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning

  • Consults with Vice Provosts, Deans, Chairs, Faculty, Librarians, and Students to develop the vision and direction for teaching, learning, and curriculum innovation at Western
  • Oversees all teaching development programs for faculty members, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars throughout their teaching careers.
  • Collaborates with Western’s Office of Academic Quality and Enhancement and the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to support programs undergoing the Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP)
  • Leads a team of staff, faculty, and graduate students who develop, deliver, and share teaching and learning-related resources that empower Western faculty, staff, and students to embed academic integrity, accessibility, anti-racism, decolonization, eLearning, EDI, intercultural communication, mental health literacy, and UDL into all aspects of teaching and learning at Western.
  • Works on developing programs for faculty members, graduate students, and postdocs throughout their teaching careers at Western

Reach out for questions about teaching and learning-related resources and programs and curriculum innovation.

Image of Amrit Ahluwalia

Amrit Ahluwalia

Executive Director, Western Continuing Studies

  • Collaborates with the WCS team to deliver high-quality, relevant, educational experiences to learners across their lifespan.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of professional, skills-based programming for new graduates and upskilling and reskilling for professionals
  • Works across the University to help extend access to innovative programming to new and diverse audiences through alternative and micro-credential offerings.
  • Collaborates with business leaders across Canada to identify and address professional learning needs, supporting industry growth.
  • Serves as Western’s representative at the Canadian Association of University Continuing Education (CAUCE) and the University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA).

Reach out for help with customized corporate training, program suggestions, and opportunities to collaborate.

Image of Bryce Evon

Bryce Evon

Program Innovation Specialist

  • Collaborates with the Vice-Provost (Academic Programs) and Directors in the portfolio to fulfil the mission of creating new learning opportunities and enhancing existing programs
  • Proposes and project manages potential new or updated programs and degree-credit pathways with the Faculties and non-degree credit courses, programs, pathways and seminars proposed by Western Continuing Studies or the Western English Language Centre
  • Analyzes labour market and industry  demand and the educational needs of learners and professional bodies 
  • Initiates collaborative agreements with academic units, other external education providers and accredited professional associations
  • Provides data support for undergraduate cyclical program reviews and new proposal development through the Office of Academic Quality and Enhancement

David Hazell

Director, Western English Language Centre

  • Carries out the goals of Western’s strategic plan for international growth through recruitment, admission, and onboarding of international students.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of innovative programming for international students
  • Develops and maintains relationships with international partners to support enrolment
  • Works with instructors, staff and university partners to support international students as they prepare for academic studies 
  • Engages students with socio-cultural opportunities on campus and within the local community

Reach out for questions about current and custom programming, supporting current and new international students, and opportunities to collaborate.

Image of Lisa Ouellette


Lisa Ouellette

Manager, Operations, Office of the Vice-Provost Academic Programs

  • Manages recruitment and staffing processes for the portfolio
  • Oversees financial processes and provides budgetary guidance and support to unit directors
  • Supports general operations in consultation with the Vice-Provost and directors