Western Continuing Studies

Western Continuing Studies is the continuing education department of Western University. At WCS, we serve as the bridge between Western and the community; providing learning experiences that enable students achieve their personal and professional goals.

We believe learning never ends. We aim to provide learners with opportunities to keep learning at every point in their life. Whether you are starting or advancing your career or delving into a new field, our courses and programs are designed with your career and life aspirations in mind.

Whether pursuing a higher level of education or exploring a new interest, staying informed about your industry and learning best practices, or simply curious Western Continuing Studies provides opportunities for everyone to keep learning at Western University.

Student Success Stories

Jennifer Siple

Discovering the joy of learning in mid-career, Professional Development

Adam Smoluk

Micro-Credentials, Manitoba

Angela Boui

Post-Degree, Human Resources

Jenna Fayad

Post-Degree, Public Relations

Matthew Hessel

Western Alumni, Leadership/Project Management