Office of Academic Quality and Enhancement

The work of the OAQE ensures that the student learning experience is at the centre of reflections, discussions and deliberations that take place as part of cyclical program review new program proposals, and major program modifications. In addition to a focus on the learning experience, the OAQE aims to ensure that authentic student involvement is embedded in all quality assurance processes. Moving beyond the solicitation of feedback via surveys, focus groups and participation in program retreats, students have consistently served as student reviewers on site visit review panels along with the external reviewers and an internal reviewer. To bolster this practice, since January 2022, students have been trained as part of a QA Academy in order to serve in the reviewer role and paid for their contributions. 

The following two excerpts were shared as part of reflections submitted by students who have recently served as reviewers.

“Being a student reviewer for the first time, it was a great learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the process behind program reviews and the amount of effort that is put into how to make a program better for students.”
“This was a wonderful experience in which I was made to feel really welcome and encouraged to offer my thoughts and discuss my experiences as a student. I would strongly urge my student peers to participate in such program reviews since it is an excellent way of learning about the work that goes into designing an academic program.”

The QA Academy

The QA Academy

To further engage students in processes of program review and development, the recently launched QA Academy aims to 1) Prepare participants to serve as student reviewers on review panels; 2) Provide an opportunity for skill and leadership development as part of university service work; and 3) Implement student insights into the continuous improvement of academic programs.

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